anlässlich des 6. Kunstareal-Fest 2023

Wiese vor der Alten Pinakothek, München


vi I ew ist eine Wand aus Stelen, durch die man plötzlich hindurchsehen kann – je nach Blickwinkel. Von der Seite betrachtet wirken die Metallstelen massiv und optisch undurchdringlich, bewegt man sich langsam vor der Wand, wird der betrachtete Bereich teilweise transparent und das Dahinterliegende wird sichtbar. Je weiter der Betrachter von der Installation entfernt ist, desto transparenter erscheint die Wand. vi I ew zeigt, wie sehr unsere Wahrnehmung von unserer Perspektive abhängt. Metallstreifen trennen die 24 Stelen und strukturieren die Mauer so, wie sich ein Tag in 24 Stunden aufteilt. Auf Distanz verschwinden auch diese Trennlinien.

vi I ew is a wall of steles you can see through all of a sudden – depending on the angle you look at it. Take just a few steps and your individual optica view of the surroundings will change completely. Viewed from the side, the metal steles seem to be solid and visually impenetrable. If you move slowly in front of the wall, the area you look at will become partially transparent and what lies behind it will be visible for you. The greater the viewer‘s distance from the installation the more transparent the wall appears to be.
vi I ew shows how much our perception depends on our perspective. As a temporary installation, the work is intended to travel around the world.

„Classical photography was my medium for many years. At some point I understood the image or likeness as an object and made it the principle of my working method. This is how objects came into being that are not rigid images. The viewer, I am one too, can play with them, give them space, discover themselves in them. Instead of fixing a moment, they become a shared space for their narrative in the present. ‚vi I ew‘ plays with the essence of photography – the light and the moment. But it does not capture them, it introduces them as a principle. These are no longer classic ‚pictures‘ – you can’t share, duplicate or adapt them. They exist only in this one moment. They are created, as it were, with and for the individual, and are only revealed from this subjective, personal perspective. One is neither forced to stand in front of it, nor condemned to admire or analyze it, but rather invited to participate in some way. For me personally, this work is an attempt to create stimuli, to approach, to debate, to find common ground, to establish differences, and to take responsibility together for a peaceful and curious coexistence.“

Hubertus Hamm

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